Meet the Executive Board!

Breagan Ricks

Breagan Ricks is a Spelman 2015 graduate with a biology major hailing from the great place of Memphis, TN. During her time at Spelman, she engaged in scholastic endeavors inside and beyond the classroom, made unforgettable memories with lifelong friends, and worked her way to kissing the bottom of her soul in her very own journey to self-love. As such, one of Breagan’s most proud accomplishments comes from her work with FunLab that has grown tremendously in the hands of fellow Bonner Scholar and Dalai Lama Fellow, Djenny Pierre, who has proven to be a phenomenal leader. In Breagan’s free time, you may find her volunteering, exercising, or thrifting. In the past, Breagan has ventured to rural Panama to set up mobile health clinics that provide free health care to underprivileged communities, traveled to Belize City to teach science workshops, and volunteered in Haiti on a mission trip during Winter Break. Upon graduating from Spelman, Breagan aspires to continue her legacy of service by dedicating her life to the practice of healing others. Along every step of the way, Breagan makes certain to keep God as the center of her joy by growing more in her faith each day.

Christeva Smith


Spelman College '16

Asha Cotterell
Vice President
Spelman College '16
Imari Tucker
Spelman College '17

Aliya Murray
Publicity Chair
Spelman College '16

Gaina Pierre

Publicity Chair

Spelman College '18

Teonna Piphus
Fundraising Chair
Spelman College '16