• You develop leadership
  • You help children learn
  • Lessons are already made
  • Lessons are easily tailored
  • Lesson materials are relatively inexpensive


You don't have to do tons of lessons. You can do as many or as little as you choose and have the budget for. Although the lessons are relatively inexpensive, the materials for each lesson need to be provided by each chapter for itself. You could finance the materials by having members pay chapter fees and/ or by hosting fundraisers.

Start Your Own FunLab Chapter

Are you interested in science and community service?

Do you agree that there is a strong need for scientific experimentation in underprivileged classrooms?

Would you like to promote learning science at a local school or in your community, and outreach to others?

If so, then you might want to consider starting FunLab Charter at your high school or university!

First off, let me answer a commonly asked question:

Not an expert in science? Not a problem! To start a FunLab Charter, you don't need to be a science expert. All you need is the desire to see people learn about science, and FunLab, Inc. is here to help you along the way.

The Steps are Easy

If you are interested in starting a FunLab Chapter, it's easy and you can do it. FunLab, Inc. volunteer are here to help you get your chapter started at every step of the way. Furthermore, once your chapter forms, we want to help by providing materials and resources through which you can run a successful chapter. Here's a quick review of the steps involved in starting a FunLab Chapter:

1. Have an interest and agreement with FunLab's mission statement.

2. Contact us to request a FunLab Charter Application, FunLab Permission Slip, and FunLab lesson plans.

3. Fill out a FunLab, Inc. Charter Application / Information Form and sign the Charter.

4. Talk to your school about how to start a club on your campus.

5. Find a local elementary school, youth group or community center to partner with to teach their students.

6. Recruit some friends to help you. They could also help raise money for lesson materials.

7. Receive the FunLab Lessons and permission slip once we have approved your FunLab Charter Application.

8. Start the chapter, plan some meetings, and publicize your chapter!


If your school has a campus newspaper, or student e-mail announcement list, try to get an article or advertisement.